World leader in the field of the compressors and the pneumatic demolition tools, Sullair is a subsidiary of the American group United Technologies (UTC) ranked among the great industrial groups includes the companies Otis (lifts), Carrier (air conditioning), Pratt & Whitney (aeronautic propulsion), Hamilton Sundstrand (aerospace industry), Sikorsky (helicopters) and UTC Fire & Security (fire protection). With over 100 years experience behind it, Sullair is the only company to concentrate all its efforts on rotary screw technology and has developed enhanced mastery of its products and its production techniques.

Sullair is organised to serve the global market. In addition to its production plant in the United States, Sullair has other production sites in China, Australia with its subsidiary Champion Compressors and in France where its Head Office for Europe, Africa and the Middle East is located.

Sullair manufactures a complete range of portable compressors, coupled to top quality diesel engines, in standard and high pressure models, ranging from 2 to 45.3 m³/min. > Sullair also provides pneumatic destruction tools: paving breakers, pick hammers, drilling hammers and accessories.

Sullair has also bolstered its skills in order to become an all-round compressed air solutions provider to meet with industrial needs.

As a constructor, Sullair provides a wide range of services: after-sales service, on-site assistance and training in the use and maintenance of the products.

Portable & Industrial Compressors

Sullair Corporation is the only worldwide compressor manufacturer to concentrate on perfecting rotary screw technology. An innovator in this field since 1965, Sullair sets the standards for stationary rotary screw compressors for air and refrigeration applications.

Sullair is also a globally recognized manufacturer of quality compressed air contaminant removal equipment, vacuum systems, portable rotary screw compressors and contractor air tools.

Sullair's full line of portable rotary screw compressors, 125 to 1900 cfm, in standard, high pressure and utility models, is designed for total accessibility and reliability. Outstanding features include large padlockable service doors, 0 to 100% capacity control, two-stage dry type air filters with safety element, curbside instrument panel, diagnostic shutdown indicator system, protective shutdown switches and AWF all-weather fluid.

All Sullair portable compressors are highway towable. Mounting options include single-axle, tandem axle, four-wheel steerable and without running gear. Sullair portables are powered by Caterpillar and John Deere diesel engines.

Construction - Sullair Compressors
Sullair's lubricated rotary screw air compressors are available in a variety of designs to meet the varied requirements of industry. From its lower horsepower Encapsulated Series, through its standard LS Series, to the Tandem Series and Two-stage, High pressure models, Sullair's reputation for compressed air dependability is reflected throughout its entire compressor range. Most models are available in air- or water-cooled versions providing the most effective cooling method regardless of environment.

Sullair Vacuum Systems
Using proven rotary screw technology, Sullair vacuum systems produce vacuum at unrivaled efficiencies. Compared to the competition, our systems offer substantially lower operating costs, which are enhanced by their use of air (not water) cooling.

Tool and Accessories -Contractors' Air Tools
Sullair's complete line of air tools include paving breakers, chipping hammers, rock drills, utility drills, demolition tools, tampers, trench and clay diggers, air hoses and accessories. Employing the concept of "power through simplicity," Sullair engineers have designed these tools with fewer high-wear parts and reduced air consumption requirements.

Sullair Genuine Replacement -Parts and Lubricants
A Sullair compressor is a highly engineered system, rugged and reliable, with every part designed and built to important, sometimes critical, specifications. That's why when replacement parts are needed, it is essential to use only Genuine Sullair Replacement Parts. Specifically designed to fit Sullair equipment and manufactured to Sullair standards, Sullair replacement parts assure that you will continue to get the performance your Sullair equipment was designed to deliver.