We protect people, planet and production

Nederman is one of the world’s leading developers of products and solutions for advanced air filtration in demanding industrial environments. Our offering comprises individual products to complete solutions..

Clean air is a cornerstone of sustainable production. Dust and fumes generated during the manufacturing process must be efficiently captured to ensure product quality, equipment longevity, regulatory compliance and safe, healthy work environments. Manufacturing companies want to boost profitability by making their operations as efficient as possible. They must meet high environmental standards and keep employees safe from fumes and dust. Nederman can help on all counts – that’s how value is created.

With more than 75 years of experience Nederman offer products and solutions, from state of the art and durable reels to complete industrial air filtration solutions with or without digitalized Internet of Things connection to almost all type of industries and businesses.


Industrial vacuum cleaners, mobile filters and compact filters
Mobile- and compact filters for extraction of dust, combustible dust, fumes and smoke are easy to move around your workshop to wherever the extraction is needed. Nederman’s efficient and easy-to-use solutions to avoid being exposed to dangerous airborne fumes and dust. Protect your workers, your production and the environment.

Fume extraction, dust collection and oil mist filters for every need
Dust collectors and filter systems for extraction and filtration of dust, combustible dust, fumes and oil mist as well as waste management. Nederman´s solutions contribute to clean air for improved working conditions, lower environmental impact, production efficiency and compliance with laws and ATEX regulations.

Extraction arms and vehicle exhaust extraction systems
Nederman extraction arms and solutions for extraction of dust, exhaust and fumes directly at source protects your workers, the environment and your production from dangerous airborne fumes and dust.

Fans and pumps for extraction and filtration systems
Nederman supply a wide range of fans and vacuum pumps for small to high airflow volumes. Energy saving solutions for your fume extraction and filtration system as well as your vehicle exhaust extraction.

Ducts and pipes for process ventilation systems
Ducts and pipes for every need, from high vacuum pipes to easy clip together QF ducts and leakproof duct systems QFS. Nederman´s pipe and duct systems are quick and easy to install.

Hose reels and cable reels for industrial use
Nederman´s durable hose and cable reels last through decades and perform with excellence no matter the circumstances. With industrial hose reels and cable reels in your business you create a better, safer and more ergonomic workplace without the risk of having hoses and cables on the floor.

Explosion isolation flap valves, dampers, control panels and starters, pre-separators and curtains
ATEX tested and certified explosion isolation flap valves that are specifically designed to the same high quality standards as our dust collectors. We are the leader in safe handling of combustible dust. Nederman also has a wide range of other accessories for your dust extraction and filtration system, all contributing to improved production efficiency, safer work places and reduced environmental impact.