RENK-MAAG looks back on over 100 years of history: Max Maag, Swiss born and bred, founded the «Max Maag Zahnräderfabrik» in 1913 to produce gearboxes of the highest quality. The company also develops and produces the precise gear cutting machinery, gear grinders and gearwheel measuring instruments necessary for this. A combination that has led to the company becoming the leading manufacturer of world-class gearboxes.

Original MAAG technology and a production facility based in Winterthur, Switzerland, are key features that distinguish RENK-MAAG from other high-performance gearbox manufacturers. RENK-MAAG is the first and only port of call for new turbo gearboxes, synchronised clutch and toothed couplings, and for spare parts for MAAG turbo gearboxes and MAAG marine gearboxes! We operate across the globe and thus also in your locality thanks to our network of agents and ultra-mobile service team.


RENK-MAAG turbo gearboxes

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes of RENK-MAAG are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest technical standards and are based on proven MAAG technology.



High Efficiency Turbogears HET®

«High Efficiency Turbogear»: Maximum efficiency is achieved by creating a partial vacuum in the gearbox. This aspect of gearbox power dissipation takes on greater significance specifically in the power generation sector. MAAG/RENK-MAAG has built up and developed its experience in the manufacture of vacuum gearboxes in the range of 15 MW–100 MW output since 1996. The construction of HET® turbogears is patented by RENK-MAAG.


Integral gear/MULTICOM® gearboxes GMX
MULTICOM® gearboxes GMX are designed and built according to the latest findings and processes in gearbox technology. As the heart of a multi-shaft compressor system, RENK-MAAG MULTICOM® gearbox GMX drives up to 10 compressor stages.



RENK-MAAG High-Speed Epicyclic Gears

High-speed epicyclic gears can be built relatively small as the power is distributed over several meshes. This results in a low “power to weight ratio” and, together with lower pitch line velocity, leads to improved efficiency. A simple, efficient principle when space is at a premium, therefore plant construction costs can be reduced by the coaxial design.



Special Gears
RENK-MAAG develops and manufactures specialgears for an enormously wide range of applications. Its clear strength lies in its close technical cooperation with customers. A detailed specification and required gearbox design for optimum solutions are discussed and developed in person with the customer.



Gearboxes with integrated Synchronous Clutch

In modern power recovery processes (BPRT etc.) RENK-MAAG turbo gearboxes with integrated clutch are used. The recovered power is automatically and directly fed back to the train (compressor or generator) by means of an integrated MAAG-synchronous clutch. This type is available in the range of 3 to well over 100 MW



RENK-MAAG couplings

RENK-MAAG Synchronous Clutch Coupling

Synchronous Clutch Coupling s engage automatically when the driving machine overruns the speed of the driven machine. Synchronous clutch couplings also disengage again automatically in the same way and this happens at any speed within the machine's speed range. The RENK-MAAG design allows for very high differential speeds. Due to the fact that the pawls are not part of the torque transmitting, the clutch is wear-free.


RENK-MAAG Tooth Couplings
The purpose of the tooth coupling is to connect two trains with independent bearings and transfer the torque, with reciprocal radial and axial displacement of the shafts occurring in operation.




RENK-MAAG other benefits

Spare Parts
MAAG/RENK-MAAG gearboxes and couplings are well-known for their proverbial longevity. The availability of your plant is also of the utmost importance to us which can be ensured by stocking key spare parts.




Field Service
Professional, swift and customer focused – this is the dynamic service team of RENK-MAAG. Our service technicians work tirelessly the world over all year round to install and maintain gearboxes for our customers. Any necessary repairs are undertaken on site wherever possible.



Modifications and repairs
RENK-MAAG repairs or overhauls all RENK-MAAG products where necessary. The same applies for all MAAG turbo and marine gearboxes, couplings and GP pumps for which spare parts are manufactured according to original drawings. RENK-MAAG also maintains individual components such as bearings, rotors, turning­gears, etc. and also conducts repairs of third party products.


All gearboxes from the RENK-MAAG production facility are rigorously tested with state-of-the-art testbed technology. We can also test gearboxes we have modified on request. Additionally we can also test system components for external companies. The testbed engineering team also has experience with heavy-duty and marine gearboxes, pumps, engines and compressors.