Dynapac / Atlas Copco              


Soil, Asphalt and Concrete Equipment
Dynapac offers planers and a full range of pavers, vibratory and static rollers, trench and duplex rollers, vibratory plates, tampers and concrete equipment. We cover the entire compaction and paving field from top to bottom.

Whether you are backfilling a trench, building a new highway, resurfacing a street or laying a new bridge deck, we will help you get to the bottom of things by ensuring that use the very best in top.

Single Drum Soil Rollers
Dynapac has a full range of vibratory soil compactors. They are designed robust to deal with the rigours of on-site operation day after day. They are built versatile so that one model can cope with a variety of different materials. Designed for optimum compaction performance and economy.

Tandem Asphalt Rollers
Dynapac has a complete range of modern vibratory tandem rollers from 1.6 to 17 tonnes. The small range is designed for patching and repairs but is also ideal for town work on small streets, pavements, drive ways, cycle paths, parking lots etc. the medium and large ranges for compaction of major roads, streets, industrial sites and airfields.

Pneumatic Rollers
Dynapac has a complete range of pneumatic tyred rollers. All have standard features offering high performance, simplicity and versatility. The smallest roller, which is hydrostatic has an exclusive Modular Ballast System comprising 8 sealed ballast containers to allow exact visual control of wheel loads. The bigger rollers meet the more traditional specification with features as 3 tonnes/ wheel and air on the run system. Pneumatic rollers are used mainly in conjunction with other asphalt rollers for surface sealing and stabilization. Due to their heavy weight, they are also used for soil compaction.

Dynapac tracked pavers can cope with large working widths of up to 16.0 m, and they really prove their value when high traction performance is required. These pavers are all fitted with separate drives for each side of the running gear. The tracked running gears compensate for irregularities in the ground surface, ensuring optimal laying precision. Thanks to continuous hydrostatic traction, the speed of the paver can be adjusted to current working conditions at any time.

Dynapac Planers
The main approach for road maintenance is to provide best road conditions for safe and comfortable driving in all weathers. Cold planers are developed to remove asphalt and concrete pavement in layers by a rotating milling drum. The milled material may be transported via conveyor on a truck for further recycling processes, spread on-site or stockpiled to the rear for further application. The cold milling operation has turned out to be the most effective and economic way for road maintenance.

Dynapac Light Equipment
Dynapac has a full range of forward vibratory plates, reversible plates, tampers, walk-behind rollers and trench compactors for use on minor jobs, in confined spaces, trenches and as a compliment to large rollers where access is limited. The wide choice of diesel and petrol engines ensures that there is a range of machines for each market.

Dynapac Concrete Equipment
Failure to meet concrete specifications can lead to costly repairs, extra reinforcement work, delays in handling over and ensuing penalties. No other manufacturer has such a variety of concrete equipment like Dynapac, nor the experience to ensure that it is used to maximum efficiency. All pieces of equipment are designed for large volumes of concrete to keep costs down. The use of high quality, robust components throughout prolongs working life and gives maximum return on investments. Designed with the operator in mind, Dynapac equipment is easy to handle.

DYNAPAC and MEDCO are the market leaders in Saudi Arabia. Our CA250 soil compactor is absolutely the best roller ever made. No single road project in the Kingdom can allow not to have a CA250.